Oh Lawsy….

Oh Lawsy…. Nov 23, ’09 8:50 PM for Mel ‘s network Guess what week it was at Carsten’s school?!?  Chemical Health Week.  I should have known I was in trouble when she even wanted to wear red underwear on the say “No to DRUGS, wear red!” day. But after a week of brainwashing talks about drugs, there … More Oh Lawsy….


Bubbles Nov 5, ’09 9:53 PM for Mel ‘s network Bubbles joined the family two months ago now.  Of course I was excited, I am ALWAYS excited when I get a new pet…. but I had no idea how much fun Bubbles was going to be. The first week we owned him I thought maybe he … More Bubbles

I had homework…. Nov 4, ’09 10:20 AM for Mel ‘s network Carsten brought home a homework assignment for me last night.  Her class has been talking about things to be thankful for, so the parents have an assignment to write a letter, a poem or a list of things that we are thankful for … More

I am weird

I am weird. Nov 3, ’09 6:07 PM for Mel ‘s network 1)  You know these thingers? See how the pen is laying down flat?  I DON’T like that.  Usually there is a hole where you can stick the pen in upright.  I MUST do THAT, even if I am NOT using the debit/credit thinger.  … More I am weird

Zoo Day

  Zoo day – I saved my first lost child!! Nov 2, ’09 6:10 PM for Mel ‘s contacts (btw, that’s a Slow Loris, thought you might like to visualize it for when I talk about it later.) It was my second Monday at the zoo and I was on my own today, thrown to … More Zoo Day