I am weird

I am weird. Nov 3, ’09 6:07 PM
for Mel ‘s network

1)  You know these thingers?

See how the pen is laying down flat?  I DON’T like that.  Usually there is a hole where you can stick the pen in upright.  I MUST do THAT, even if I am NOT using the debit/credit thinger.  I feel itchy inside if there is not a hole there and I have to leave the pen flat.

2)  It also makes me itchy inside when people stand up and eat.

3)  I LOVE Arby’s roast beef sandwiches!

But there is TOO much meat on the sandwich for me.  So, I always remove almost half the roast beef before I can eat the sandwich.  Thing is?  I eat that beef, one slice at a time.  So, I might as well LEAVE it on the sandwich.  But I CANNOT.

4)  I cannot feed Bubbles his breakfast until I clean off his shelf with pet stain and odor remover.  He is used to this routine now, and jumps over my hand as I am cleaning off the shelf.


5)  I will not eat breakfast until I have fed Bubbles breakfast.  Sometimes my waffle gets cold because I have forgotten to feed him and I have to wait to eat while I chop up celery and apples and whatnot.


6)  If I am grocery shopping and there is a big group of something, like butter, and the butters laying all scattered and wonky and upside down and labels not showing,  I MUST FIX THEM.  But only if I am purchasing a butter.  If I just walk past something, I won’t fix it.

ps.  I caught a man watching me arrange the butters today, and I STILL could NOT STOP DOING IT!

7)  Ever played Bejeweled Blitz?  You can play it on Facebook, but I mostly play it on my phone. The fb game is only 60 seconds, but my phone app you can play levels and levels…  But, if I lose on an ODD numbered level, I have to play again until I lose on an even numbered level.

8)  My tv volume must be set to an even level, preferably 18. (my sister’s old hockey number.)

9)  I know all the words to Party in the USA.

10)  I got my nose peirced today!!!!!!!



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