I had homework…. Nov 4, ’09 10:20 AM
for Mel ‘s network

Carsten brought home a homework assignment for me last night. 

Her class has been talking about things to be thankful for, so the parents have an assignment to write a letter, a poem or a list of things that we are thankful for and/or love about our child.  On Friday her teacher will read them out loud and the kids will have to guess which one their parents wrote. 

Here is what I wrote for Carsten:


I love you because….

You make me laugh until my stomach hurts,

And it’s cute how often you change your shirts!

You always kiss the dogs good night,

and squeeze my hand and hold it tight.

You’re so very sweet and you give great hugs,

You scream and run when you see bugs!

You love gymnastics, dancing and cheerleading too,

You’re proud of your Mom cuz she works at the Zoo.

You talk and laugh and giggle all day,

When you fall down you always shout, “I’m oookkkkaaay!”

You’re generous and kind to your friends and family,

The day you were born, I had no idea how lucky we’d be!

We have a daughter who’s beautiful, funny, unique and smart,

and we love her with all of our heart!!



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