Bubbles Nov 5, ’09 9:53 PM
for Mel ‘s network

Bubbles joined the family two months ago now.  Of course I was excited, I am ALWAYS excited when I get a new pet…. but I had no idea how much fun Bubbles was going to be.

The first week we owned him I thought maybe he was a squeak-less guinea pig, but Bubbles has since found his squeak!

He has definite likes and dislikes…. sometimes he decides he doesn’t like HALF of what I put in his fresh food bowl and so he picks stuff up and throws it off his shelf, and no matter how many times I put it back up there he will throw it right back off.

He is a lot of fun…. and the best part is watching Carsten take responsibility for him.  She reminds me EVERY SINGLE MORNING to feed him.  Even if I am chopping the food and she is watching me, she STILL. REMINDS. ME.  She is pretty proud to be Bubbles Mommy!



I think he likes to feel the wind in his hair, don’t you?


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