Carbs had a baby!


My sister Kristen was recently visiting from Colorado.  She set a goal for herself this year, to not buy a loaf of bread all year.  Sidenote:  why can’t I think of awesome goals like this?  Instead of things like: try not to let ass get fatter??

Anyhoodle, on her last day at my house she decided to make me some bread and rock my world.

I took one bite and my eyes rolled back in my head.

It tastes like a cinnamon roll and raisin bread had a baby!  A delicious baby.  That you want to eat 78 times a day.  And then have it for dessert too.

She left me with two loaves and I’ve pretty much eaten my way into a carb coma.  I even considered taking the bread to work with me, so no one else could eat it!   I almost did!  Crazy, right?

Dont worry your pretty little heads!  I didn’t take a loaf of bread to work with me!

I hid it instead.


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