Baby Bunnies 1 Week Old


Baby Bunnies – Day 7 Jan 28, ’07 11:53 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 Ready for your daily bunny fix? Here we go! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Here is how I found them this afternoon. I put a few shredded newspaper clipping back in, because they kept moving the hay and just laying on the floor, but then they just moved the newspaper AND the hay. They have a mind of their own! One of them was separate again, usually three are together and one is off alone, but it isn’t always the same bunny being the loner.

This time it was:


CL’s favorite bunny that was in self imposed solitary. CL is convinced that this bunny is a girl!

This bunny is awfully cute too. It is a butterscotch color with pink ears. There is another one that looks like this one, except its ears are black.

This is still my FAVORITE one. It is almost a calico color, brown and tan and grey, and how could you resist this adorable face?

AHHHHHHHHH! I just want to hold it ALL. DAY. LONG.

So, here they all are together.

Growing fast, aren’t they???

Roxie is doing wonderful. I went to petsmart today and bought her a bunch of goodies. I went to Petsmart with the intention of looking for nursing mother supplement, but the lady asked what I was feeding her? I said, timothy hay, alfalfa, yogurt drops, bunny food with veggies/fruit/nuts, bunny apple wafers, bunny wheat crackers, AND for fresh food: cilantro, parsley, carrots with tops, bananas, mustard/broccoli/clovers sprouts, fennel, celery, and apples. The lady said, WHY ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU NEED A SUPPLEMENT?!?!?! She could have meant it in a holy crap woman, think you feed your bunny enough? sarcastic way, but I prefer to take it as a holy crap woman, you are the best bunnie’s mother’s mother EVER! kind of way.

So, since the supplement was unneccesary I couldn’t come home empty handed now could I? So I bought, a water bottle brush, a bunny litter scoop, yummy fruit treats, a pink tube Roxie can hide in/sleep in/chew on, a bunny brush, AND because we all know how stressful being a stay-at-home/hutch-mom can be, I got a few toys for Roxie to chew on or throw around to relieve stress, a carrot shaped sissal chew, peach flavored wood sticks, and a rubbery bunny shaped chew ring.

The end.


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