Baby Bunny Update

Baby Bunny Update Jan 23, ’07 11:48 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

This morning they are all alive and seem to be doing well. Last night BB and I moved Roxie’s hutch from the garage to inside the house. Since noise was a concern we put them in the upstairs family room, so that I can shut the door and the cats can’t go up there, and it is warm and very quiet!

I changed out the bedding under the babies this morning, it was stained and I wanted to put them on top of a towel so it will be easier to move them when I have to change the bedding again. (I will swap out the towels when they get dirty.) I wanted to make sure the babies tummies looked full (they did) because when we inspected Roxie last night she wasn’t bare on her stomach like I expected she would be and we worried that the babies wouldn’t be able to find their “bottles”. BB said, maybe we should shave her tummy? I nixed that idea, afraid she would keel over from the shock of a trimmer shaving her tummy. No one shaves bunny tummies in the wild (though that would be an interesting thing to tell people when they asked what you do for a living) so we decided that we didn’t need to intervene. But I tell you, it is hard to find restraint when you are dealing with babies as adorable as these.

I have been reading my books and googling like a madwoman and I have learned some interesting things, feel free to skip this part and move straight to the bunny pics if you don’t need bunny trivia. I read that the mothers only feed them once a day, they stand over them and the babies lay on their backs to feed. Also, mamas only feed them when their is no one else around. They also don’t lay with them during the day, it is a instinctual behavior to stay away from them most of the time so that they don’t draw a predator’s attention to the nest.

Anyway, Roxie seems to be doing great and the babies are looking good. Here are a few pictures….

 Mel holding a baby.


 The babies in the nest. Can you see their ears?

 And here is Roxie’s new digs, I don’t think I have shown a picture of her new hutch. It is really nice, with a separate enclosed area for sleeping and perfect for having babies! That blue thing in the corner is her litter box, which she has been using pretty well. The other things hanging there are her water bottle, mineral and salt block, her alfalfa holder and her food bin. The thing on the floor is in case any bunny pee leaks out, their is corn cob litter to absorb the pee and the odor.



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