Just Pay Me.

Cha-ching! Feb 14, ’07 11:06 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
Job number two is complete.

It has been a looooooooooong day people.

I worked on this landscape design for a church most of the day, with the occasional dishwasher emptying and laundry-doing tossed in. Because I just can’t work when surrounded by filth and/or chaos. And yes, I admit it, there was more than a couple of times when the couch, the pillow and I had a rendezvous. (but I am feeling a lot better than yesterday) I usually like to stretch the designing out over a week, take my time. But, we got this job Monday and they needed a bid by Friday. It is in a highly visible area, and would be great for attracting more business, so it got priority over the other two jobs I have waiting.

Once I finished the design I gave Ricky a call. I told him I was done, and gave him a rough idea of what kind of plants I picked. And then we got into a big argument about evergreens.

I hate them. He loves them.

People think that they want evergreens because they think they are low maintenance, but nothing irks me more than a huge evergreen that is all icky brown on the inside from lack of care/watering. I pretty much refuse to use them unless people are adamant that they want them, and then I still try to talk them out of it. There are just TOO MANY gorgeous shrubs and perennials that can provide color and be low maintenance/drought/heat tolerant.

So, anyway, Ricky wanted me to use evergreens. And I didn’t. And I will continue to refuse to use them, and just ask BB, once I make up my mind about something you have a better chance of striking oil in your backyard than you do trying to change my mind. Stubborn is how I roll.

Ricky can’t force me to love evergreens. So, he got all crabby and pouty on me, and just said we would talk about it later when he came to pick it up.

When he got here I showed him my design and gave him all my arguments for the shrubs/perennials I used (to prove to him that my plants can kick evergreen arse ANY day of the week). Like, evergreens are UGLY! No COLOR! Just green all year! Most need lots of water! Most evergreens are considered “disposable plants”, they are not able to be pruned so they have to be pulled out and replanted within ten years. I even had a plant book with pictures, with sticky notes marking all of the plants I picked. I was ready for an evergreen throw down.

(That’s right. Add “hates evergreens” to the list of weird things about me.)

So, anywho, I was ready for Battle of the Evergreens, part two, but Ricky was very quiet.

No arguing, no interrupting me.

For a moment I thought, good God, he is figuring out how to tell me I am fired. Or he hates me. Or I am fired AND he hates me.

But then he said………… wait for it……………………. YOU’RE RIGHT! And he loved it! And he conceded the plants I picked were better suited to the conditions, and would look better when people viewed it from the street AND when they viewed it from inside the church. The only bad thing he said was that by admitting I was right in this case, it didn’t mean I brought him over to the dark side (the hating evergreens side), and that I may have to use evergreens. Someday. Maybe.

BUT, ha! I feeeeeeeel good! Na-na-naaaaa-na-na-NA! I knew that I would now! Na-na-naaa-naa-na-na-na!

And also….. cha-ching! Pay-check time for job number two!


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