Infusion Confusion

Infusion Confusion Feb 13, ’07 11:29 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

My infusion is one treatment every 24-48 weeks, but the treatment involves an infusion and a crap load of steriods to go with it, then wait two weeks and another infusion and another crapload of steriods. So one treatment, but two infusions. Does that make sense? My doctor said we will do again in July, so it looks like I am on the 24 week plan.

It is over. I am home. I had to stop to puke on the way and I am about to puke again very soon. I am shaky and dizzy, and again, every. joint. stings. like. a. mother-effer. It occurred to me on the drive home as I was queasy and speeding my arse off to pick up Carsten on time from school, that it would really be handy to have someone to drive me. Anyone up for a road trip in July?


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