Conversations with Carsten….

My daughter talks too much. Feb 11, ’07 11:22 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

We are sick over here. Carsten has brochiolitis or something like that, (I do know how to spell, it ISN’T bronchitis, just something like it) so she is home from school today. I usually don’t mind when the kids stay home from school, but for some reason, even though she feels like crap, she will.not.stop.talking.

Here are a few questions she asked me in just the last hour…

her – Do we have Valentines stuff?

me – What do you mean?

her – you know. stuff.

me – ah. um. yeah.

her – okay. good.

her – what is chicken made out of?

me- chicken.

her – i know. but what is chicken.

me – meat.

her – okay. good.

her – when is Spring?

me – soon.

her – how do you know?

me – i am smart.

her – yeah. but who told you?

me – no one. I just know.

her – did a groundhog tell you?

me – no.

her – are you SURE?

me – yeah. i’m sure.

her – when did Roxie get pregnant?

me – when she was with the boy bunny at the pet store.

her – yeah. but how did he put the babies in her stomach????

me – um.

her – did Roxie want him to?

me – um.

her – did it hurt?

me – um.

her – can we just keep all the baby bunnies and keep having more bunnies foreverAND ever???

me – NO.

her – how old was Cody when he was little?

me – um. two?

her – noooooo. when he was little. reeeeeally little.

me – two?

her – okay.

her – how do you spell donkey?

me – d-o-n-k-e-y

her- j-a-n-k-what?

me – no. d-o-n-k-e-y

her – are you sure it isn’t j-a- n-k-something.

me – yes.

her – mommy are you tired?

me – YES.

her – me too.



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