TMI Tuesday


TMI Tuesday? Jun 4, ’07 11:01 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

Errrrr, I kinda feel like EVERYDAY is TMI day over here. Every blog I write probably includes Too Much Information.

So, ahhh, here is what is going on over here.

Remember my belly button ring? Want to see another picture? I! KNOW! YOU! DO! So, here is CL’s artistic rendering of my button. I believe I am wearing a half shirt, a puffy skirt and red boots in this picture, which BTW, none of which I actually own. And, I never will own. EVER.

CJ is busy trying to become this man:

Season 3 poster

Which involves a lot of me trying out weird mind game/question problems he creates, watching criss angel do weird shat on his tv show, discussing levitation and whatnot, and participating in card tricks.

Meanwhile, CL is busy being a diva. Most of my morning involves bathing, dressing and styling her. She takes care of the daily application of a gallon of barbie perfume. She wanted me to take a picture of her “wicked awesome” braid today. Yes. She called it that. I need to stop talking like that around her.


Mo is here! He told me that his fiancee is still reading my blog. Errrrrr, HI JEN! Ummmm, I kinda assumed that she stopped reading after Mo went home last month. So, I had a temporary, (ok, not that temporary) moment of panic, like, GAH! WHAT HAVE I SAID IN THE LAST MONTH?!?!? Then Mo said, Noooo! Don’t worry! She said that your blog is interesting? INTERESTING? WTF? Interesting like a car accident? Or a new strain of bacteria? Or the weather report? Ahhhh, “interesting” doesn’t seem like a compliment, but I was trying to look at the positive side of interesting, until Kristi told me that she calls something “interesting” when she can’t think of anything nice to say. Thanks Kristi! Love you!

Anywhoo…. there has been no dancing yet. But, we did jump on the trampoline last night.

Then we made Mo try a bunch of things he has never done. First we played Break the Egg, where I lay down and hold my knees and Mo tries to bounce me until I can’t hold my legs anymore. Ummm…. Mo got a little TOO excited and almost killed me.


Then we tried straddle jumps. HA! Mo sucks at straddle jumps!


And I ROCK at straddle jumps!

Then we did flips. I always have to jump eleventy-seven times before I get enough nerve to actually attempt the flip and then, in mid-air, I always kinda panic and give up and then I land on my butt.

Mo was hesitant at first, talking about breaking his neck, and then I was like, waaaaaait, maybe you shouldn’t try it, because Jen WILL really hate me if you are in a body cast for your wedding. But, um, by that point he was already flipping and really pissing me off. Because, yeah, he would jump like once, or MAYBE twice, and then just flip. AND? Totally land better than me. Even though it was his first time! And I have been practicing for MONTHS! ARGH!

So, now I am REALLY hitting the DDR hard. Because he will NOT kick my arse in that too.

The kids and I are headed out for a ride on the pond in the paddleboat! A paddleboat picnic! Cross your fingers we don’t sink! Or flip! Or get attacked by hungry geese!


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