Paddleboat Picnic

The Paddleboat Picnic! Jun 5, ’07 11:19 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies
 The picnic started out on a low note. When we got down to the paddleboat we realized no one had cleaned it since last season AND I had forgotten to get BB to tip it over to empty out all the recently collected rain. Sooooo, we went back up to the house for supplies, buckets, rags and whatnot. Then we spent ten minutes cleaning it out, which consisted of a lot of unneccessary getting each other wet, urping in my mouth when I would brush up against something briefly, and screaming at and killing spiders. Then, we were on our way.

CL asked when are we going to eat three thousand times in the first five minutes. I guess she was kinda hungry. CJ and I wanted to get down to the other end of the pond, since it was so windy, because then we thought the wind would just carry us back while we ate. So, we also took a few pictures…. (don’t worry, supercamera was safely sealed in a waterproof bag whilst not in use.)


We also took a picture of our house as we passed. I wish you could have seen the geese Innernets, they were looking at us like,WTF? Where are you going corn-givers? COME! BACK! They even followed us for a while! And lookey! All my sprinkler moving is paying off, the grass is growing!

Ok, so once we reached the other end of the pond we ate. Lunch was sandwiches, chips and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmm!

At this point the kids started saying, We should do this everyday. Can we do this everyday? How about tomorrow? We should do this tomorrow. This is fun! Can we have lunch here everyday? What about dinner? Or OOoo! Breakfast! How about all three meals? I want to do this EVERY! SINGLE! DAY! Ugh. Ummm… I am not a HUGE fan of sandwiches. How about once a week? Knowing their mother well, they snapped up that deal the second I said it.

As the wind carried us back to our house, I noticed Neighbor Boy (NB) rollerblading back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, ahhhhh!, whilst staring at us. Errrrrr, I am not too fond of NB, and before you all get mean on my a**, you should know that he is the Crowned Prince of Annoying. The other day he stood next to me while I folded wash saying things like, so, are you folding wash? Is that your sock? Is that your underwear? Is that CJ’s shirt? until I said, ARGH! GO AWAY! Why do you want to talk wash? Also, a few weeks ago, he told me sometimes he doesn’t come over more often (wth, kid? you are here. every. farkin’. day.) because sometimes his clothes don’t fit. I was like, oh ha ha! growing boy, huh? and he was like, no, i didn’t grow, they just don’t fit. Me – Errrrrrr, oooookay then. NB – And I have to wait for my parents to buy me more clothes and then I come back over. Me – Alllllllllll righty then. Go away. I mean, wth? His parents live in a $300,000 house, but can’t keep him in clothes that fit? Um. I am sure that’s not it. He is probably just making it up. Kinda like the time his mother told me her pregnancy with him was really difficult, and then later? Her husband told me NB was adopted. Ummmmmm?


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