Friday Foughts (Thoughts with an F) Apr 11, ’08 1:52 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

0.  I really hate doing a thought blog on a day that doesn’t start with a T.  I annoy myself.

1.  Carsten is home sick from school today.  She yakked on the floor this morning, and then convinced me it was just a fluke.  (She said that her stomach did not digest last night’s Hardee’s, cuz it didn’t like it.  And yes, I am an fridiot (( frickin idiot! mandi’s word!!)) for believing that.)  So, since I couldn’t leave her home alone I didn’t have much of a choice but to load her into the car to take Cody to school.  Another fridiot  moment because I forgot to pack an urp recepticle.  Shortly after dropping Cody off the Volcano of Urp erupted in my back seat.  Good times.  Makin’ memories..

2.  I had a telephone appointment with my doctor today.  The first one out of the last five that he has actually kept… but he still missed the appointment time by two and half hours.  And get this, the first thing he does is scold me for not keeping a blood draw appt.  Errrrrrrrr, I never even knew I had one.  I asked about my infusion (the one that is months overdue) and he told me that he is making me an appointment to come in to discuss it, because he wants to get x-rays of my wrists, elbows, shoulders, hip, knees, feet and chest first.  And also a TB skin test.  Sounds fun, no?  I hate this man.  Just hook me up and give me the medicine loser.

3.  This Saturday there is a new show starting on Animal Planet called, “Groomer has it!” about dog groomers competing to win the title of Groomer of the Year and $50,000 and a mobile pet salon.  I know it hasn’t started yet, but it is my new favorite show!  I am astounded at the limitless opportunities to poke fun at this show!  I WILL be writing re-caps.  I LOL’ed at the drama and emotion just in the preview!!   Click HERE to see it!

4.  Stac and I used to have this dream that we would go to Dog Grooming School and then open up a salon together… I hadn’t thought about that for YEARS until I saw the preview for this show.  I told her about it this morning when I called her, and she is gonna watch the show too!  Maybe our dream will be revived!

5.  The animal kingdom is invading my house.  Carsten and I went pet hunting the other day, and found oodles of baby garden snails and a slug that are now residing in an aquarium in her room.  WHY?  Because she has never forgiven me for making her set snaily and sluggy free last fall.  Then I found a millipede in my flower bed!   Holy LEGS Batman!  GACK!  THEN, Carsten came inside with an inch worm and wanted to keep it.  I have to admit, it was pretty adorable… but I resisted.  THEN the porch door was open and a bird flew in and was hopping around the floor.  And FINALLY yesterday there was a lizard in here!  The cats brought it in, and it was unharmed, just a wee bit FREAKED out.  I may have a career as a lizard whisperer, because I was able to direct him through the dining room, down the hall and out the door, WITHOUT touching him!  But what the eff?  I feel like I should be building an ark in my yard.




6.  It is 80 here today… 80 people!  That is HOT.  VERY hot!  I do not like sweating in early April.  I was planting more bulbs and AYE CHI WA WA I had to come inside, cuz me no likey sweating.

7.  I love watching the show Top Chef, but there is SO not anything I would EVER eat on that show.  What the eff?  I don’t even know what some of that stuff is.  Stuff like Pomegranate Prosecco Aperitif and Deviled Aioli.  WHA????  And they are ALWAYS talking about their palettes, and how sophisticated they are.  Who is the judge of that?  How do you know if YOUR palette is better than the next guys?  Isn’t it all a matter of opinion?  Someone help me out here.

8.  I am feeling a bit better today, or at least not crying all day long.  Still doesn’t feel real, ya know?  After my sister (kris10b) said that she was reading through her letters, I dug out some of mine too.  I sure am glad that I am a pack rat when it comes to letters.  I found one that Grandma Dorothy wrote to me when I found out I was pregnant with Carsten… it sure was a trip down memory lane.  She actually did not like the name Carsten at first, and wasn’t shy about telling me.  But later she admitted that it grew on her and she did like it.  Gah.  I miss her.

9.  Thanks to everyone, for sending me texts, pm, and leaving comments about my Grandma, it means a lot to me.

10.  I got an adorable little dress at Wal-Mart yesterday.  WAL-MART!  It is orange and brown, and I tried to find a picture of it for you, but I cannot.  *edited with a picture I took!  PS.  It was $12.88!!













It will be really cute with the new shoes I just got me… and the little white coat I bought when I was with Michelle.  (sorry the jacket pic is a wee bit blurry)






11.  Uh-oh.  Carsten was just in here and Mt. Urp is about the blow again!!!!!!!!  Anybody want to trade places with me today?


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