The BIG DAY. Stacey Update 4/16

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog:


Blog Entry Wednesday – THE BIG DAY! Apr 16, ’08 3:41 PM
for everyone

* This update brought to you by Mel, as Stacey is sound asleep and supposed to rest for the rest of today.

Stac had her transplant this afternoon.  Peggy (Stac’s Mom) said that it took about an hour, it was two bags of what looked like thin blood.  Stac got a little flushed during the transplant, but they said that is completely normal.  All went better than expected, the nurses commenting that she took the transplant better than anyone they had seen.  Stac is supposed to rest now, and was sleeping comfy under her FTC blankey whenever I called.

((BTW??  I don’t think Stac has ever mentioned that she has an FTC sign outside her room, and a picture of a little boy peeing on Leukemia.  hahaha!))

Peggy said when the transplant was finished the nurses told Stac, Happy Birthday!  Stac, K and Peggy joked about how maybe now she will have the energy of child! (because the donor stem cells were from cord blood.)

Anyhoooo, I assumed some of you would be wondering and worrying just like I was all day, so there is your update…. I am sure Stac will be back in a day or so and will tell you all about it waaaaaaay better than I can.

Thanks again, to all you special people that I KNOW were praying for her and thinking of her and sending her good thoughts today!


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