The Big Day

The Big Day Oct 8, ’08 5:35 PM
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Soooo…. yesterday was THE doctor appointment.  T-H-E big reunion with my favoritest doctor ever… the one I have not seen for EIGHT years.  I was nervous on the way there… thinking about what I would do and how I would feel if she had no idea who I was.  (thanks Mom, for saying that I am unforgetable)

I went to x-ray first, then blood draw, then to the cafeteria for lunch.  I like to sit alone… looking at no one and no one looking at me.  I are anti-social.  Anyhoodles, I did that… there was only ONE table within my view… and GUESS who sat down there?  Yuppers… HER!  THE doctor.  I choked down my food and high-tailed it out of there.  I wanted to at least give her the added bonus of seeing my name on a chart, before testing her memory.

So, a few mins later it was time for my appt.  The VA is a teaching hospital so I always see an intern first…. this always kinda makes me feel like a science experiment.  I have so many weird side effects, and have had so many things with low odds of happening happen to me that it is hard for intern’s to contain their glee.  So, I spend about 20 mins schoolin’ the intern on the enigma that is me.

Then she came in…. and she practically bounded around the corner, and came at me with arms open.  I got a little verclempt.  Turns out, she not only remembered me…. but even WITHOUT my charts (that have not been transferred there yet) she remembered DETAILS about me.  What medicine did what to me, the fact that I hated needles, she asked about Cody… she wondered if I lived in WI again, she wondered if I had ever had another baby like I had wanted to so badly (yes!  her name is carsten!), she asked how my stomach was (because I have had such trouble with ulcers) and she even asked me how I was dealing with the chronic pain issues (since it was HER who first convinced me to go talk to someone about them.) 

People…. I was practically speechless.

She was going to schedule my infusion for this week…. but she guessed (correctly) that I was not current on my flu and pnuemonia vaccines.  (needle fear.  heh.)   So, she made the nurse stab me with the evil needles (altho the nurse, bless her heart, DID take away SOME of the pain by telling me that my arms had no fat or tissue on them and that is why it hurts so bad.)  My iv infusion is scheduled for three weeks from now… just enough time for the vaccines to work before the meds obliterate my immune system.

She also eliminated one medicine (4 pills a day) and readjusted another medicine (that will eventually eliminate the need for 6 additional pills a day).  Honestly, I learned more from her in a half hour than I did from the combination of the last three doctors I had. 

She believes that my heart palps were from my B12 deficiency… she said that for me to get heart palpitations, it suggests a long term B12 deficiency… which means that the B12 could have also caused all the nerve pain I have (which was never really explained to me, and also my hand tremors and chronic anemia.  Which could be good news because it means those things COULD go away (tho all the only thing that has stopped is my heart palps) but it COULD also be bad news in that if I had the deficiency for a long enough time, the damage could be permanent.  I have been taking B12 since May, and it could take over a year to know for sure.

So…. that is about it.  It was a great doctor visit….  I know…. I KNOW!  Most of you have NEVER EVER heard me say that!  I am just so happy it turned out so well.  Can you imagine?  A Mel that actually looks FORWARD to her doctor appointments?!?!  Who woulda thunk it???


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