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A Happier Blog Oct 10, ’08 5:50 PM
for Mel ‘s network

* The Yellow Finches in my ‘hood have a suicide pact.  Death by window.  MY window.  I have tried standing out there yelling “Attention FINCHES!  There is a window here!” That didn’t work.  I could not find anything to hang near the window to alert them that they were approaching a HGA (hazardous glassy area).  So, I brainstormed…… I had my big brain in today, so I put three masking tape X’s on the windows.  I haff NOOO idea why I thunk that X’s were a good idear. The birdies are using them like targets now.  I might as well put a sign that said,











I told Cody if he loves me, he will give the deceased birdie currently residing on the deck a proper burial.  So far?  He loves me not.


*  Do you think it is a bad thing that the neighbor boy’s name is written on my driveway with a HUGE pink puffy heart around it?  Uh oh. 


After I asked Carsten about it, I went back out there and found that 

having been questioned, she tried to cross OUT Nick’s name.  Smooooooth. 




* Hey Trish!  Here is the rug I was telling you about!  With bonus Moose! 







Trish was kindly asking my opinion about some decorating stuff, and I think that maybe I helped!  It made me wonder… mayhap the next time I am havin a blog block I should have a blog called Ask A Pottery Barn Addict What She Thinks!

* You know how my dog Max looks like a sausage with a head?  I am worried that I am a doggie crack dealer.  Food being the crack.  Because?  Moose is now eating like, errrrrr….. a MOOSE.  He even stands in the kitchen and BARKS for me when he is hungry.  But who can resist this face?










* My sister Cara is coming to stay overnight tomorrow!  Carsten is having her first skating lesson this weekend!  Cara is the lesson giver.

* I am going to start watching Carsten’s bf Presley next week.  She lives 4 houses down and they play together EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Presley usually goes to after-care, and everyday Carsten starts asking me from the time she gets home if she can go see if Presley is home yet.  Presley’s Mom Kami says that Presley starts asking on the drive home when she can come see if Carsten is home.  They don’t get home until 6 or so, so every night it is a rush for all of us to have dinner and them to get time to play.  Poor Presley has homework to do too… so they usually only get 45 mins to play. 



Here they are playing dress up today.  I think they were cowgirl divas. (in case you are wunderin, Presley is a little person)  I just love Presley… she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met.  And SO happy… I have NEVER seen her in a bad mood.  And surprisingly, even though they are both bossy, they never fight.

So, I am gonna start bringing Presley home every M-W-F, which means… no more bored Carsten!  No more asking me 68 times when Presley will be home!  Mama is happy!



* People…. I realized tonight that it is only 9 days to SYTYCD!!  N-I-N-E!  OH! MAA! GAH!  wooooooooooooooot!

* The following words should NEVAH have left my mouth, Potty-training is going really well!  Because?!?  Moose has had 972 accidents today.  Did I mention he is 1.3lbs?  So, the pee spots are tiny.  Not that I care anyway.  II can’t even be mad at him, because……..  well just look:










I think in a few more weeks (or months? maybe?) I might just be able to stop mentioning EVERY TIME I TALK TO YOU how adorable my Moosey is.  I will try hard my people, I promise.

Nighty night!


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