A THINGER! Jun 12, ’09 8:59 PM for everyone A meme survey thinger mabobber!  Weeeeeeee! 1. Where is your cell phone? Right next to me, where he belongs. 2. My favorite place to eat? TJ Hooligans 3. Your hair? straight and FAB-U-LOOOOUS!!! 4. Your mother? Is visiting me next week! 5. Your father? Is visiting me … More


Wednesday Jun 10, ’09 12:00 PM for Mel ‘s network Yesterday was a long day.  We left at 6am, and despite feeling queasy (from my treatment on Monday) and sad about what we were going to Milwaukee to do… Cara and I still managed to have a good time together.  We spent a lot of … More Wednesday


  Tuesday Jun 8, ’09 8:37 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Tomorrow morning I am getting up very early, and along with my sister Cara, will make the long drive to Milwaukee. There we will meet my parents and my sister Kristen and her husband Matt. At one o’clock we will be laying my grandma’s … More Tuesday