Swimming at the lake

My parents have a camper that they keep at a small lake, just a few minutes away from their house.  We have been there almost everyday, since it is hotter than the fires of hell here!  TRIPLE DIGITS PEOPLE!! One of the first days we went Cody was taking pictures and my Mom decided a … More Swimming at the lake



  Carsten: What year were you born? Me: 1975 Carsten: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAA!!!! THAT is OOOOOOOLD!!!!! Hahaha > > > She keeps laughing until she looks at me and I give her a look like this: O__o   >> > Carsten: Or NOT?

It is strange…

  It’s strange….. Jul 8, ’09 6:45 PM for Mel ‘s network ….. to have co-workers again. After being out of the workforce for nine years (omg!) except for brief stints in other volunteer organizations where I have had very few co-workers, it is very weird for me to work with 20 or more people every … More It is strange…