Swimming at the lake

My parents have a camper that they keep at a small lake, just a few minutes away from their house.  We have been there almost everyday, since it is hotter than the fires of hell here!  TRIPLE DIGITS PEOPLE!!

One of the first days we went Cody was taking pictures and my Mom decided a thumbs up would be an awesome pose.


Nice Mom. 

I can do thumbs up poses too!



I even did a synchronized swimming thumbs up.


Don’t worry Internets….. she thought it was funny.  


The girls play on the tube, trying to do front flips and back flips off of it.  I was mostly doing slow walking while trying to see where I was stepping and a lot of treading water.  But then?  I got water shoes!!  I was MUCH more excited to be in the water after that!!!

What?  They aren’t the most fashionable things, but thank the sweetbabyjesus that I can no longer feel the squishy bottom OR the weeds OR the teeny fish that want to eat me.  I would rather not know it is coming when a killer catfish attacks me.  They exist.  I saw it on Animal Planet.

Anyhoodle, we have went out in the canoe too! 

I am not so good at the steering of the canoe.  Oopsie. 

Dear Mr. Tree on the Shore,

Sorry about that bump!




Guess where we are going this afternoon?


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