The Kansas Blog Brain Dump

The Kansas Blog Brain Dump Jul 12, ’09 9:50 PM
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We made it to Kansas!  We did most the drive on Friday and then stayed overnight in Kansas City and drove the rest of the way Saturday.  It was a good idea to split the drive up.  I didn’t get nearly as tired, I only road raged a little and the kids were REALLY good.  We even got to honk for Jesus!!

I dropped Cody off at Space Camp tonight and had a mini meltdown.  I think seeing him in a college DORM ROOM is what made me so emotional.  The last time he was at space camp was two years ago, he was so small then and college seemed SO FAR AWAY.  But now?  It seems like it is looming over my head like an ugly cloud.



We have a friend who works at the Cosmosphere, and she hasn’t seen Cody in two years.  He wanted to see if she remembered him, so I hid and he walked up and said hi.  She started at him for a full (and awkward!) 10-20 seconds before realizing (with a visible jolt!) who he was.  She said the only thing about him that is the same is his eyes.

I have so much fun with Cody that even when he is gone overnight at a friend’s house, I feel sad.  He’ll be a camp a WHOLE WEEK.  I may lose my mind.  Thank God I have my niece to distract me, she makes me laugh and I love spending time with her. 

I can also txt Cody at night, from about 7-10pm.  Thank the sweetbabyjesus for txting.

I’m sure his gf will get most of that time…. but I am hoping he txts me a few times at least.

I took cell phone pics of the schedule for each day Cody is at camp…. the schedule was in this cool little booklet he has to carry around.  I took them mostly for myself, but thought maybe SOMEBODY else might be interested too.  Anyone?  Anyone?

My Mother traps turtles in tupperware prisons for the summer.  I call it Turtle Concentration Camp.  I try to avoid the area of the lawn where the TCC is located, lest I slip up and spirit the tiny turtle to freedom. 

Do you think Angry Lauren is rubbing off on me?

Carsten starts Space Camp tomorrow morning, but doesn’t feel good tonight.  She has a headache and stomachache.  (How the hell do you spell stomachache?  That looks wrong.)  Her theory is that she is “homesick.”  My theory is that her Dad is selfish and she misses him because she has hardly talked to him in a week.  Yah, let’s not go there.

I fell down the friggen steps yesterday.  All 16 of them.  And they are wooden, and steep and now I am afraid of them.  I have ginormous bruises on my ass and legs and my arms and hands are all scraped up.  I am so sore I have been close to crying all day long.

My Mother bought me tequila.  Before the fall, not because of the fall.  Isn’t that sweet?  She never bought me tequila before.

No, that is NOT why I fell.  I girl scout promise you.

I watched a cake show today where they made cakes that looked like GIANT versions of girl scout cookies and now I cannot get girl scout cookies out of my mind.

Coming to KS has been hard for me this time.  Tonight I drove past my old house in town, and the house of my ex best friend…. when we lived a block away from each other.  This was not a smart thing to do.  ((You don’t hafta comment on this, I know I am rewinding and playing back the same shit I keep saying lately.  I am just trying to get it out of my head.))

Lastly, a special thanks to Michelle (mlk), Mandi and Di for listening to me whine (A LOT) about various shit lately.  You guys are the greatest friends and I am so lucky to have you in my life!  (ps.  I’d include Carrie in this thanks, but she has abandoned me for Canada the past three days.  I miss you Carrie!  You will be in cell phone range tomorrow!)


This was a long brain dump….. is anyone still reading?


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