Talkative Tuesday


Hello my people.

What a beautiful day it is here today.  Sunny and in the seventies… just perfect if you ignore the fact that it is in the high 40’s or low 50’s when you wake up!  Sheesh!  Where did summer go?

Tonight is Freshman Orientation Part 2.  We already had part one, where he got his tentative schedule and got the picture for his id taken.  Tonight he will walk his schedule and some other important stuff that I can’t remember.  Cody’s a freshman, people.  A. freshman. in. high. school.  Sweet margaritas with Jesus…. I can hardly believe it.

I decided to sign up for some continuing training at the zoo, to become the next level of volunteer.  Basically I will rotate all the indoor sections of the zoo, and the information booths.  I’ll get a radio too.  heehee.  That way the next time someone sneaks a chihuahua into the zoo and let’s it splash around in the kiddie water park I get to add my two cents worth to the conversation!  Weee!  There is 40 hours of training though, oy vey.  I start on the 19th of September and go through October. 

Have I mentioned my neighbor had twins?  They are two months old now.  She decided not to go back to work and has joined me in stay at home mom-hood.  This week her husband and her mother (who lives with them) both went back to work, they are both teachers.  So, I have been helping out because besides the twins, she has a two year old.  Yesterday I fell asleep for about two hours with a baby on my chest.  Ahhhhh, heaven.  I sure do miss doing that with my kids.

Guess what else I am doing this week?!?!  I am making a cake!  For someone else!   I haven’t made a cake for someone since I lived in KS!  Another neighbor has a little boy who is turning one.  I am making him a 3D stand up bear, with a mini version of the same bear.  That way he has his own tiny version of his cake to eat all by himself.  I am decorating it tomorrow morning.  I am excited!  It is a cake I have made several times before, so I am not too stressed about it.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

Then tomorrow afternoon is Carsten’s orientation, and also my first class for my animal shelter training. 

School starts Tuesday!  Yay!  Is it wrong that I am excited for them to go back to school?  They are excited too, if that makes anyone feel better! 


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