What is New With YOU?

~ I gave Bubbles his first bath last week.  Did you know that Guinea Pigs are actually excellent swimmers?  It’s a fact!  Look it up!  Bubbles is no exception, he enjoyed it!  He let me scrub him all up and rinse him off and did not try a kamikaze jump out of the sink even ONCE!!


~  Mandi came to visit me!  It was so nice to see Mandi and family again!  Lynea is getting SOOOO big!  She is such a pretty baby.


~  It was Kalea’s birthday!  I made her a birthday cake!  Did you see it?  It was SO cute!  Just like Kalea!

~  Guess who else came to the party???

~  I am having a little family reunion this weekend.  My uncle is here from Washington with his wife, and he is bringing my Grandma (who is almost 97) to my house.  My Dad is here from KS, and all three of my sisters are coming to my house on Sunday for lunch!

~  I leave to go to AZ to visit Di on Thursday!  Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

~  Zoo class is going great!  The first week I got to go behind the scenes in several exhibits!  Including the tiger exhibit!  I stood about 4ft from a tiger with only bars between us and he was a CRABBBBBY tiger!  It was SO cool!

~  How are all of YOU?


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