10 and Counting


Ever watch that reality show 18 & Counting, about the family that has 18 children and won’t say that they won’t have more?

I need a reality show like that.  Except with pets.

So………. yah.

Meet Bubbles Butterscotch B (our last name that starts with B)!  He is officially Carsten’s pet, not mine!  So, congratulate me!  I am a grandma!

Before you ask, no.  He is not from the animal shelter.  We set out to adopt the guinea pig that WAS at the animal shelter, Copper.  But, we missed adopting him by one day, by the time I called he was already gone.  So, I searched petfinder, emailed a bunch of animal shelters and rescues in the area and found out that there were none available.  We even checked back at the animal shelter I will work at to make sure one hadn’t been brought in.  I had already made the mistake of telling Carsten about Copper, and she was sad.  So, since we had a lot of stuff for a guinea pig already (that happens when you have 9 other pets) we just decided to go for it. 

Bubbles is a very happy, very mellow, long haired 6 month old guinea pig who loves his mommy (Carsten) and fruit.  He joins the other 9 pets in the B household.  Who?  I just realized yesterday, do not ALL have middle names. GAH!  I feel bad about that!


Here are the pets that DON’T have middle names and a few of my ideas.

Max-imum Anxiety B (our last name) – Our high strung mixed breed dog.

Mack The Flash B (our last name) – The sugar glider

Mack Stinkypants B (I’m not gonna keep typing B because you get the idea)

Charlie Sheen B (cuz he gets around) – The wandering neighborhood drunk cat

Charlie SleepsInBoat B (that is his Indian name)

Chloe Algaelina B – (like Angelina Jolie, cuz she is pretty) Female Beta fish

Herman Algaelina B (because he is even prettier than the girl fish) Male Beta fish

Herman Airbubble B

Do you have an ideas for middle names?  I know someone has got to be more creative than me.  Though, I am pretty partial to Max-imum Anxiety.


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