The First Day of School 2009


This morning was Cody’s first day of high school and Carsten’s first day of 3rd grade! 

Cody was a little nervous…

(he needs a hair cut, I know.  He has an appt tonight.)

Carsten was just excited….

They left at completely different times…. Cody will catch the bus at 7:40 and start school at 8:05.  I take Carsten to school and she doesn’t have to be there until 9:20.

We met Presley outside, and they stood together waiting for the bell to ring.  They don’t have the same teacher this year, but already made plans to meet at recess.

I did almost nothing today…. just was lazy.  I did laundry and cleaned up the house some.  And watched reality tv.  And loved on the dogs.

I have another class at the animal shelter tonight.  I am taking pictures of Angus the 30lb cat.  Your welcome, Internets.


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