It is NOT fun to make shadow puppets at 2am! Dec 30, ’05 9:40 AM
for everyone

Well, my love affair with Steroids is officially OVER.  Cleaning without stopping is desirable during daylight hours, but I love sleeping way too much to be laying in bed wide awake thinking about crazy things.

On Thursday night we went to bed at eleven, and laid there, wide awake until 2 am.  I discovered there are shadows on my ceiling that look respectably like, Jay Leno, a rabbit, and a banana.  I also discovered I can make only three identifiable shadow puppets, a bird, a butterfly and a pretty realistic looking chihuahua.  Unfortunetely, try as I may, I could not make my shadow puppet chihuahua bark and still look like a chihuahua.  He had a large hole in his mouth everytime he barked, believe it or not I dedicated almost a half hour in this effort.  The ice dropping into the freezer from the automatic ice maker sounds pretty much like a large man knocking at my door, but there was no man.  Even though I knew it was crazy I actually got up and looked once.  I tried using my stomach muscles to breathe instead of my chest.  I counted to 200.  I designed and re-designed the basement and Cody’s bathroom in my head over and over again.  Also, I swore that I could see the shadows of people on my eyelids when I closed my eyes, but that could probably be attributed sheer exhaustion or the steroids.  So, I think it is safe to say I am now officially whacked out on steroids.

I any case, I got up at 2 and moved to the couch and watched TV until three and then finally fell asleep.  We got up for the day at about seven fifteen/seven thirty.

The lack of sleep did not prevent me from continuing with Mission Organization yesterday, but we did take time out to see if steroids make me a better bowler.  For the record, they do not.

Last night we went to bed late and I am happy to say that I slept through the night with no shenanigans.  From 11pm until 8am.  So, I am pretty happy about that.

I am still tired today, and while the desire to clean and organize is still there, it is diminishing.  The good news is that I don’t really have anything left to organize!  BB cleaned out and organized the garage, since he knew after I tackled the house I would be on my way out to his garage.  He also removed the antennae from the roof, since I was talking about how I thought that would be a fun job.

The swelling is down in my hands so much today that I am afraid if I get my hands wet my wedding ring may slip off!  I haven’t even been able to get it off for about the last year or two, so that is a different feeling.  My tendons in my hands, wrists and elbows seem to be worse though.  This is something that is sometimes called “triggering” by Rheumatologists.  It is where repeated swelling stretches and damages the tendons, so that they slip off of the joint when you bend your fingers, wrist or elbows, and then they slip back on.  It feels like a rubber band stretched too tight, that painfully scrapes off and back on.  Not a nice sensation, makes you not want to bend anything, and there isn’t a lot you can do without bending your fingers.  TRY!  Just for fun!

The metallic taste is almost gone.  I was able to have some orange juice this morning and it didn’t taste like paint thinner.  Foods still taste weird to me.  In fact, the horrible joke has continued, about the only thing that still tastes the same is chocolate.  My sister in law Tisha thinks that is because I desperately WANT chocolate to taste the same.  I hate to admit she may be right, don’t know if I could give chocolate up even if it made me want to puke!

Well, have a safe New Year’s Eve everyone.  We are going over to Kyle and Kasee’s house to play games and eat pizza.

Talk to you next year!


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