I <3 Steroids

I LOVE STERIODS! (or, no voices yet!) Dec 29, ’05 9:37 AM
for everyone

You could eat off of the floor here!  I have scoured, scrubbed, polished, sanitized and organized almost every surface, cupboard and drawer in this house!  I organized MY ENTIRE CLOSET!  And the bathroom drawers!  And the kitchen cupboards!  And Cody’s room!  And MY DESK!  Let me back up a little…….

I woke up at 7:15 this morning, (thank you Carsten-heaven forbid I forget to wake up and sleep in until eight), and went downstairs to find my steroid pill bottle and a glass of juice.  I case you are wondering, drinking orange juice with metallic mouth tastes a lot like chewing tin foil and then chasing it with a shot of paint thinner.  YUMMY!  An hour after those pills went down I was a tornado of organizing activity.  I have not felt this much energy for YEARS!

I started cleaning, and I didn’t stop untileight thirty tonight!   THAT IS RIGHT!  I AM NEARING INSANITY!

No seriously.  It was so nice to get some things done today, and not be thinking about laying down, sleeping, napping, how long until I will be laying down, sleeping or napping, what clothes I could change into so that I would be the most warm I could possibily be while laying down, sleeping or napping, how long I will be able to lay down, sleep or nap before Carsten wakes me with a pressing question like; Can we get Santa a piano for Christmas?……you get the idea.

I think that I will be paying for all of this tomorrow.  Joints are swollen this evening, and I am having the same back/neck pain as I did last night.  My body is so tired, but my mind is still screaming THERE ARE SO MANY MORE THINGS WE COULD CLEAN!  LET’S GO OUTSIDE!  Even as I was starting to feel bad tonight, it almost made me want to try even harder.  I must admit I am already starting to feel afraid that I will wake up tomorrow and feel the old way again.  I know at this point the energy and enthusiasm can be attributed only to the huge amount of steroids I am taking, so when I start to taper them next week I have to be prepared for feeling different.  (It is too soon for the new medicine to be working, my doctor said to expect it to be weeks before it started to make a difference.)  I would be a liar though, if I said it wasn’t making me think about the possibility that this could be the medicine that works for me.  I could be one of those (pardon me) STUPID ladies on those STUPID commercials that says, “ask your doctor about fill in the blank medicine and you will be able to run a marathon, garden, chase your kids, row a boat, ALL IN ONE DAY, again too!”  It is a little taste of what life could be like if there wasn’t daily pain, swelling, stiffness and fatigue.  It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Well, tune in tomorrow for more adventures of a steroid user!  (Prescription steroid user that is, I don’t want any internet police knocking down my door with a big ramming pole in the middle of the night tonight!)

Until then~  Look out for SUPER-Melisa~ soon I may be cleaning a surface near you!


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