Just EW

  Just…. EW Jan 20, ’06 10:03 AM for everyone   It is a wet and gloomy day in Kansas.  It is raining/sleeting/snowing on and off and everything is wet and slushy and COLD.  It isn’t quite cold enough to make the moisture turn into snowflakes or for the little snow that is falling to … More Just EW



January 13th, 2006 Jan 13, ’06 9:58 AM for everyone   January 13, 2006 My appointment with the new Rheumatologist, Dr. Shahari, was this morning.  All day yesterday I worried about how it would go today.  I really hoped that I would be able to come home today and report that all went well, and then talk … More 1/13/06

Me and the IV

  Just me and my iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – v! Jan 11, ’06 9:52 AM for everyone   Here is a picture of me and my IV from today! The infusion went okay.  They stuck me first in my left arm near my hand and they hit a nerve!  Has anyone ever felt that?  It is HORRIBLE!  … More Me and the IV


January 10th, 2006 Jan 10, ’06 9:50 AM for everyone Tuesday, January 10, 2006 Yesterday I finally heard back from both my new RA dr and my old RA doctor.  Seems that no one really knew that the transfer of patients was going to happen as quickly as it did.  So, after my old dr.  … More 1/10/06


January 9th, 2006 Jan 9, ’06 9:49 AM for everyone I started feeling “funny” Thursday night.  CL doesn’t have school on Friday and all we had planned all morning was a trip to the bank.  I couldn’t get moving in the morning, all my joints were swollen and hot!  Like I had icey hot inside … More 1/9/06

1/2 Strength

1/2 my powdered muscles… Jan 4, ’06 9:43 AM for everyone Happy New Year’s everyone!  Hope everyone made a healthy and happy entry into the new year. We spent New Year’s Day outside.  It was in the mid-sixties here in Kansas, a good day for yard work.  Cody’s friend Sullivan came over, and they spent the … More 1/2 Strength