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Just…. EW Jan 20, ’06 10:03 AM
for everyone


It is a wet and gloomy day in Kansas.  It is raining/sleeting/snowing on and off and everything is wet and slushy and COLD.  It isn’t quite cold enough to make the moisture turn into snowflakes or for the little snow that is falling to stick.

This morning I went over to my parent’s house for a visit.  My Mom and I are making some curtains for some of my windows.  So, we worked on that for a little bit and then I went to town.  Carsten and I went to Wal-Mart to look for a chimmenea, one of those little things that you can have outside on your deck to burn wood in.  BB wanted one, and my Mom said there were only a few left at Wal-Mart, so we went to look for it and to get rods for the curtains.  There was a chimmenea, so the lady put it in the cart for us.  In the check out I was stubborn and proud and said I didn’t need assistance to get it into my car.  We took it outside and I lifted it out of the cart and tried to put it in the car, it didn’t fit.  So, then I had to move all the stuff in the car, including Carsten and her carseat, so that I could lay down the backseat and put the chimm. in the trunk.  It took me about ten minutes to get it all re-arranged, and when I was done, and ready to attempt to lift the chim. again I was so exhausted that I couldn’t budge it.  So, I looked around and saw a nice looking man, and had to ask him to lift it for me, since there was no chance I was going to be able to and I didn’t want to load Carsten back in the cart and push it all the way back in to tell Wal-mart I am an idiot and I did need assistance.  So, the nice man was nice, he put it in my trunk and then even offered to push my cart back inside for me.  So, thank God for god samaritans.

Then, we came home.  Starr, our Saint Bernard, was laying in the driveway when we pulled in.  Which she never does, so I thought at first maybe she was hurt.  But, she followed the car to the garage, wagged her tail and said hello, and then took off back to the driveway.  I took Carsten in the house and then locked the dogs in their kennel and went to investigate.  There was something buried and sticking out of the sand, I thought it was a stick at first, but as I was touching it I realized it was an antler!  Then I realized, there was another antler and it was a head that was buried.  So, feeling my stomach turn I went inside.

An hour later my mail-lady honked, I had a package.  It was my worms, (for worm composting), so I called my friend Mike and he came over.  Mike took the master gardener class with me, and since it is now my dream to be a worm farmer (I am serious), he is going to be a worm farmer too.  I think his motive is that I will do all the work, and when I start giving talks on worm composting or trying to incorporate my love of worm farming into the 40 hours of volunteer work that we have to do in the next year to achieve master gardener status, that he will just tag along and get credit for my hours too.  Which is fine with me.  He is fun to hang out with, and he can carry all the supplies!  So, he came over to get some of the worms for his worm composting bin and so I took him out to the buried head.

Even though I told him not too, and was screaming, Mike doesn’t like to be told what to do, so he pulled it out anyway!  It was a half rotted deer head, with about 1/3 of a half-rotted deer spine!  With flesh and yucky tissue stuff hanging off of it!  So, then I was screaming and running (well okay not running but my version of a run, more like an awkward gallop/trot) back to the house.  Makes my stomach turn to even think about it.  He left it out there, because he thinks I should just let the dogs have it, it won’t hurt them.  Boy, that will be neighborly, when my 160 pound dog is trotting around with a half rotted carcass in her mouth.  Bet my friends will be dying to come visit when they read this story too.  Hopefully it will still be light when BB gets home tonight so he can bury it.  He has a meeting tonight, so he will probably say he doesn’t have time, but HA-HA tomorrow is Saturday so he will have to do it then!

Well, that is all for today.  Probably enough, huh?  Yucky stuff.


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