It is NOT fun to make shadow puppets at 2am! Dec 30, ’05 9:40 AM for everyone Well, my love affair with Steroids is officially OVER.  Cleaning without stopping is desirable during daylight hours, but I love sleeping way too much to be laying in bed wide awake thinking about crazy things. On Thursday night we … More Puppets

I <3 Steroids

I LOVE STERIODS! (or, no voices yet!) Dec 29, ’05 9:37 AM for everyone You could eat off of the floor here!  I have scoured, scrubbed, polished, sanitized and organized almost every surface, cupboard and drawer in this house!  I organized MY ENTIRE CLOSET!  And the bathroom drawers!  And the kitchen cupboards!  And Cody’s room!  And … More I ❤ Steroids


  December 28th, 2005 Dec 28, ’05 9:36 AM for everyone I am home from my treatment.  I checked in at 9:30 and checked out at 3:15.  I got my IV put into my right arm, and received first an IV bag of methoprednisone and a IV bag of saline/benedryl (to prevent allergic reaction), and … More 12/28/05


  December 27th, 2005 Dec 27, ’05 9:35 AM for everyone It is the night before my first Rituximab treatment. I am feeling a lot of things, apprehension and terror mostly. I have not learned from past experience, and have been doing internet research all day. Most websites I find describe horrible side effects, such … More 12/27/05