COWS! Feb 27, ’06 10:16 AM for everyone   There were COWS in my yard today!  Three big, black, and curious cows!  This afternoon CL told me there were three cows outside and they were looking at her, I said, yeah, okay…  I assumed that maybe this was like when the microwave was talking to her and … More COWS

Pills Suck

  Pulverizing The Pill Tray Feb 17, ’06 10:15 AM for everyone   Why do I want to pulverize my pill tray?  Who knows?  Lots of different reasons I guess.    I probably feel the worst first thing in the morning.  One of my first thoughts when I wake up is the medicine.  I know I need to take … More Pills Suck


Skulls, Skunks, Stairs, Sweethearts, and Other Stuff Feb 15, ’06 10:09 AM for everyone       Skulls ~ A few blog entry’s back I talked about the dogs and their deer skull and spine.  BB’s Grandma Mimi requested an update on this subject.  The day after the gruesome discovery I drug BB out to the driveway so … More Blathering….

Back at it.

Back to the Blog Feb 7, ’06 10:07 AM for everyone   Hello everybody.   I have been neglecting the blog and I feel bad about that.   So, here you go, my update…   Things have been pretty normal around here.  We have had some really nice weather in Kansas, so we have been spending … More Back at it.