Skulls, Skunks, Stairs, Sweethearts, and Other Stuff Feb 15, ’06 10:09 AM
for everyone




Skulls ~ A few blog entry’s back I talked about the dogs and their deer skull and spine.  BB’s Grandma Mimi requested an update on this subject.  The day after the gruesome discovery I drug BB out to the driveway so he could share in my disgust.  He promptly pulled it out of the sand and returned it to the VERY HAPPY dogs.  Over the course of the next few days, (while I was throwing up in my mouth), they were passing it back and forth in varying pieces.  All that remains now is one antler, which I still occasionally step on.  AUGH!  When this happens I always want to look around and see if those d#$8 dogs are hiding behind a bush laughing at me.  I mean, when you have 15 acres, what are the odds that the antler would repeatedly be directly in my path?  I swear it is a annoying long running dog joke.


Skunks ~ Two days after the deer skull I went out in the morning to let the dogs out of the kennel.  As I got closer and closer to the gate I could see something on the ground by Starr, our St. Bernard.  I was thinking to myself, now how on earth did she get a stuffed animal THAT large in the kennel without me noticing it?  WRONG.  It was actually a very large and very dead skunk.  Poor little thing must have gotten the surprise of his life when he wandered under that fence, because he didn’t even have time to make a stink.  I let the dogs out and slammed the gate, then spent the rest of the day trying to find the courage to go and remove it. While the dogs spent the rest of the day on the outside of the fence staring longingly at the skunk that was inside of the fence.  I imagine they were cursing each other out, “I thought YOU were gonna grab it?  Idiot, you said YOU had it! *@%$&!  She is still pissed about the deer head!  There is no way in hell we are gonna get the skunk back!”  Anyway.  I never found the courage, so right before it got dark my Dad (bless his heart) came over and buried it for me.  


Stairs ~ I already had my butt chewed by my mother for not being forthcoming so I thought it might be wise to share the information that I fell down the steps recently.  Not a lot of stairs, just four or five.  (When it happens it is kind of blurry so I didn’t pause to count them.)  I was carrying the hamster cage down the steps when I was not feeling to well, i.e. not very limber and should probably have not been doing stairs or carrying things.  I had a sharp knee pain and either jerked my leg or didn’t step fully on that foot and down I went.  In my attempt to spare the poor hamster’s life I hit the wall and then the shelf.  Scythe, (that is the hamster’s name, you know the weapon or thing you use to chop wheat, Cody named him), was in the wheel and the wheel got knocked off of the cage and landed on the top of the shelf.  It rolled and came to a stop on it’s side, but he was fine.  He probably has a serious wheel phobia now though.  Anyway, I am fine too.  I was just bruised and scraped a little.  Not one of my finest moments, which is probably why I didn’t mention it to anyone.  But, I realize that by trying to hide things like that I am hiding what is my reality from my friends and family.  It is hard to admit that you probably need help to carry a stupid hamster cage down some steps. 


Sweethearts ~ I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!  I got a box of chocolates and a Gerber Daisy plant from the fam.  From Carsten I got a homemade valentine, and a verbal wish of a Happy Valentine’s Day about six hundred times yesterday.  Carsten had her cheerleading performance last night and was absolutely adorable.  On the way home I told her that I thought she was the coolest cheerleader out there, to which she replied, “I know”.  Gee, don’t have to worry about any self-esteem issues do I?


And other stuff ~ Today was my appointment in Wichita with Nan, the social worker with chronic pain experience.  This is the woman who I was not too fond of the first few times I saw her.  I felt misunderstood by her, after pouring my heart out to her the first time I saw her she concluded our appointment by saying to me, “You are young and pretty and everything is going to be juuussttt fine”.  Which made me want to throw her through a window.  My psychiatrist asked me to give her another chance, and so I have, and things have been much better since then.  Today was the first time I saw her since seeing my new Rheumatologist.  So, I wanted to start out by discussing my feelings about getting the new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia/CPS, in addition to RA.  Turns out, Nan has Fibromyalgia and has had it since 1991, when the general belief was that “it was just all in your head”.  So, it gives her insight on my feelings and she can be a voice of experience.  It was also interesting to find out that after her fibro diagnosis she had a serious case of pneumonia.  She was treated with prednisone, (which is the steroid I took as part of my Rituximab treatment), and had a huge flare of her Fibromyalgia.  Her doctor told her that it is common to have your fibro symptoms become almost unbearable in intensity with the use of prednisone.  Which, is now what I think happened to me.  That week after the first treatment, when I was almost hospitalized, was like all the typical symptoms of fibro but multiplied by a hundred.  So, it makes sense and makes me feel better to know that is what happened, but it also scares me if I have to repeat that treatment course every six months or so. 


This past week has been tough.  I have had a lot of swelling and trouble sleeping, a lot of shifting position when joints get really stiff and swollen.  I have had mornings with a ton of swelling and pain, and more afternoons with fatigue.  It also feels like the nodules are coming back on my feet.

Definition of Nodule:  A collection of tissue appearing as a knot or knob in the skin, not uncommon in rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid nodules are seen in 20-30% of rheumatoid arthritis patients. They may occur anywhere on the body, but are most often seen over the bony prominences.

In the past I have only gotten nodules was my disease was active, which really should not be happening this soon into the new treatment.  I am trying to reserve my judgment and not panic until I see the doctor on March 24th, or if they get bigger and more apparent before then.  Kind of hard to forget about them though.  They are on the outside of my foot, at the halfway point, between my heel and my toes.  It feels hard like a bone, and it hurts when I touch it, bump it, or when it rubs against my shoes.


Well, time to figure out what is for dinner.



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