Not in KS anymore.

Red Ants, Turnip Greens and Carlos doesn’t live here! Aug 11, ’06 10:29 AM
for everyone


I am not in Kansas anymore.

Red Ants

There is something about red ants that makes you want to forget them.  We experienced them in Oklahoma but never in Kansas, and so my mind completely blocked out those experiences until I got the crap bit out of me the other day.  BB and I were standing out in the yard, filling up the dog water by a spiggot and all of a sudden we both started jumping around, red ants were all over our feet.  We both got bit a few times, though BB had more bites than I did.  We haven’t seen any ant hills, but we are going to go ahead and spread the whole yard with ant killer this weekend.  Yuck.

Turnip Greens

I went grocery shopping yesterday.  I went to Wal-Mart instead of the local grocery store for two reasons, one- I am not ready to shop at a store called “Piggly Wiggly” yet and two- I figured Wal-Marts are all the same, so maybe I wouldn’t feel like a stanger in a strange land inside a Wal-Mart.  No such luck.  There are complete shelves in the vegetable aisle filled with things like turnip greens.  Nothing is where I think it should be, and next to most of my usual items are all these things that I have never heard of.  Most of the assosciates call you things like “honey-child” or “baby-girl”.  It is like being on Mars.              

It all makes me a little sad.  Sure, it is exciting to try new things, but I always have a tendency to think even though we are moving across the country we are still in the US, how different can it be?  By now I should know to expect differences, but in the excitement of the move you don’t stop to wonder if the grocery store will carry your favorite brand of crackers.  I will find new favorite things, I have before, but for some reason it makes me feel just a little more lonely than I did before.

Carlos doesn’t live here!

So, my phone number apparently used to belong to a Spanish man named Carlos.  Carlos has lots of friends and most of them speak no English.  They call at all hours of the day and night and ask to speak with him.  I have tried speaking English, I have tried speaking in my broken Spanish, and I have tried hanging up on them.  Nothing seems to deter them, they refuse to believe that Carlos isn’t here with me.  So, they keep calling and they ask me multiple times each time they call where he has went, when he will be back, why I can’t speak Spanish, etc…  You would think after taking four years of Spanish classes I would be able to remember how to say you have the wrong number, but of course I don’t.  So, if any of you do, please help!


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