When chihuahuas attack


This weekend our 12 pound chihuahua mix Murphy attacked our neighbor, our neighbor that is a pastor’s wife no less.  Nice.

She had come over to make sure her son wasn’t bothering us, he was over playing with CJ.  I was taking a bath when she stopped over, the kids were outside playing and BB was the one who talked to her.  When she left she walked down the driveway, the same way she came in, and all three dogs were following her and barking.  I heard the commotion and got out of the tub to see what was going on (there is a window in my closet that looks out onto the driveway).  I watched her, looking terrified, trying to make her way down the driveway.  She was paying more attention to Starr (which makes sense, most people would be justified in being more afraid of a 160 pound Saint Bernard than a 12 pound Chihuahua) and everytime she would turn her attention to the other two dogs Murphy would bite her legs.  So, there I am, in my closet, naked, screaming and pounding on the window.  Thank God the windows are a little bit higher than my chest, so I don’t think I was giving anyone a show, but I wasn’t really thinking about that at the moment.  At least I had enough sense to not run out of the house to try to stop him, that is probably the only way I could have made the situation worse than it already was.  Anyway, banging wasn’t working, so when I finally got the window open and yelled, all three dogs came running back up to the house.  I got dressed, yelled at BB and the kids (who were completely oblivious to the situation) and went down to her house to apologize.  She had three open wounds and two huge bruises on her legs.  Even though I saw him bite her a few times, I had no idea it would be that bad.  She was really nice about it, saying that she should have called before coming down, and that he was just protecting the kids and his yard.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he probably wasn’t actually protecting anything, he is just a crazy little mexican with a hair trigger temper and a brain the size of a pea

How do you say I am sorry my dog tried to eat your legs for lunch?  Or I am sorry I couldn’t save you because I was standing naked in my closet.  Bless her heart, (do I sound southern?) she insisted no apology was neccessary, and she was far nicer to me than I expected her to be.

But, even though she isn’t made at Murphy, I am.  He spent what was left of the weekend confined to his kennel and I am on a mission to get the fence/kennel situation worked out so that he is just free to roam.  BB is even less understanding than me, he wants to confine Murphy to his travel kennel from now until the end of never.

What a mess.  What a great way to conduct friendly neighborhood relationships, huh?  I suppose I need to start taking him on walks, so he can be more socialized again, maybe he spent too much time in the country and has forgotten how to be a civilized dog?  Augh.  That damn dog.  I will probably have to drive to another neighborhood to take walks, as word of my chihuahua the neighborhood menace has probably already spread. 

On the bright side, maybe she will stop asking us to go to church with her!  But, maybe she will step recruitment up a notch since even our dog is a sinner?



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