Conversations With A Sleepwalker Aug 23, ’06 10:33 AM
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The following conversation took place last night, at about 10:15PM, when I was cleaning up the kitchen before bed.  I had just throw some cans into the trash and turned around to find CJ standing two feet from me, staring directly at me, eyes wide open.

Melisa – “What are you doing?”

CJ makes various hand motions and says, “Well, I was, eh, hmmm, oh…”

Melisa “Are you awake or asleep?”

CJ “No”

Melisa “What are you doing?”

CJ “Awake”

Melisa “Are you awake?”


Melisa “OOOKKAAAAY.  What are you doing?”

CJ walks past me, points to the sink and says, “I am trying to get some water in there”

Melisa “WHAT?!?  WHY?!?”

CJ “I am trying to make a book mark”

Melisa “Cody- Go to bed.  NOW.”

He went to bed, and I didn’t see him again until this morning, when he (of course) remembered nothing.  I can’t get too mad, since if we consider his genetics he got this from me.  My Mom has reported finding me in various places like on the toilet, and laying on the staircase with my head pointing down towards the bottom of the steps.  But, in my defense, I was ASLEEP when she found me, not awake.  Talking to her.  With my eyes open.

It was all just a little too night of the living dead for me, and it took me a long LONG time to fall asleep.  I was certain I would wake up with him standing two feet from me again, talking more gibberish.  What does this say about me, that I am terrified of my sleep walking son?  I mean, how do you know what he is capable of?  I certaintly didn’t start the day yesterday thinking my day would end with my son talking to me about bookmarks and sinks with a far away look in his eye.  It is just CREEPY!  What if I wasn’t in the kitchen?  Would he have started filling the sink with water in an attempt to make a book mark?   What is next?  Turning on the stove to make a bracelet?  GEESH. 

He used to do this when he was little, but we haven’t had an episode since he was about five.  Back then it didn’t seem quite so creepy.  I am going to have to make him run laps around the house so he is too exhausted to get out of bed.  It is either that or lock his door, or tie him to the bed.  My heart can’t take this.

(CJ just came home from school and was standing behind me talking to me about his day and I didn’t think he was reading the blog, but then he asked me if he could turn on the stove to make a bracelet.  Hahahahaha.  Not funny.)


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