Patio Pictures

Patio Pictures!!!!!!! Dec 21, ’06 11:51 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 It is still kind of raining, so the pictures aren’t too great, but I just couldn’t wait anymore! If the weather is nicer tomorrow I will take more pictures. Also, because of the rocks we added to the bottom of the pond AND the two inches of rain we have gotten since last night, the pond is looking kind of murky. So, I will have to take some more pictures once it clears up so everyone can see all the fish. BTW, the fishes names are: Penelope, Zippy, Ellie, Nemo, Bubbles, Gill, Ricky and Ken (thanks to my sister Kristen who named the last two fish!)

Anyhoodle, here we go! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Patio area BEFORE:


Patio area AFTER:

Here is the chiminea area:

Here I am standing by the GIANT rock that Ricky and I pilfered from the woods that can be used as extra seating area, and it is great to sit on to watch out little fish pond, or the BIG pond where the canadian geese are or to watch BB and the kids fishing, and also the kids and the chihuahua love climbing up on the BIG rock.

Here I am standing at the BBQ end, looking towards the chiminea/hot tub area:


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