The interactive Christmas gift!


Meet my Christmas present! Dec 25, ’06 11:40 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family


I got a BUNNY!

Her name is Roxie Fluffpants and she is six months old. She is a lionhead bunny, which is kind of like an angora bunny’s head with a regular bunny’s body. Or, an angora bunny with half of the maintenance.

She is very sweet and calm, LOVES to be held and rubbed. Her house is right outside the door (inside of the garage) but she is allowed to spend time in the house if supervised. Right now that means in rooms with the doors closed because the cats have not met her yet. I am trying to litter train her in her cage, which involves a litter pan in the corner of the cage and the idea is that she will only poop there. If I can accomplish that she may be granted more house time. But, right now she is getting plenty of supervised time because I am TOTALLY in love with her. BB and the kids are pretty fond of her too. 

But – YEAH for the family! THEY GOT ME A BUNNY!


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