ROXIE Dec 26, ’06 11:22 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 Hope you internets aren’t sick of pictures of my bunny, because here come some more!


Roxie was inside for an hour already this morning. I brushed her all over again, practiced holding her hair up and putting a pretend bow in her hair (when I did it CJ give me stink eye BIG TIME), practiced rolling her on her back so she will let me trim her nails when I need to, and took her outside to introduce her to her eight fish friends.

(if you are wondering WTH that catraption is that she is sitting next to, it is the zip line I bought BB and CJ for Christmas, so we can zip line from the patio down to the dock. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!)

Roxie met Mia (the cat that likes to put her pooter in your face) through the glass of the french doors. Mia’s tail was twitching and she was looking at Roxie like she was a giant t-bone, so that wasn’t good. But Mia did NOT try to launch herself into the door to open it, or get in a crouching pounce position so that part was good. Baby step people.BABY STEPS. I am not under the illusion that the cat and the bunny will ever be cuddling up for a nap together, but I would like to get to a point where it doesn’t look like the cat is drooling when it sees the bunny.

In the garage I have a mouse-trap next to Roxie’s cage in the only position the cats could sit to look at her, so that should stop them from tormenting her out there. I laid awake for a LONG time last night, thinking about how/where we will eventually put her cage, so that she could have some indoor/outdoor time while inside her cage. I think I finally decided that we may get another cage exactly like the one above, and mount it outside a window by the tool bench. Her cage would sit atop the tool bench, inside the garage. That way, when it is nice I could open the window and she could move freely between her inside hutch and her outside hutch, and when the weather is cold/rainy, I could simply close the window and then she would just be inside, nice and toasty. I would have like to make her some kind of outside kennel or something where she could be on the grass, because we definetely have the room for it, but it would be hard to make it safe for her because of the neighbors stupid dog (the one that bit Mia’s butt) and there are tons of hawks in the area as well. So, I think the inside/outside kennel is the best solution. I will have to get her one of those cheap collapsible playpen fence things at Wal-Mart and just let her bounce around on the grass when I am out there watching her. BB and the kids also got me one of those harness/leash things for rabbits, but I am still not sure if I am the kind of person that takes a rabbit for a walk. Or if I want to be.

Anyway, enough babbling about the bunny I suppose. Here is one last picture, my favorite one.

GAH! Isn’t she ADORABLE????


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