Beautiful Saturday! Jan 5, ’07 11:13 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

It is a gorgeous day here in South Carolina! The temperature is supposed to be 71 degrees today. NICE!

So, it’s a perfect day to take your bunny for a walk, RIGHT? CL and I did just that, we just put her back in her cage a few minutes ago. Getting her into the harness was a bit of a job, Roxie was a little freaked out. I am sure she thought I was trussing her up to bake her in the oven or something. Once we got it on though, she seemed to forget it was there.


She hopped all around the patio, and to my surprise, she seemed to enjoy the fish pond area the most. I guess I assumed rabbits would be afraid of water, but not my Roxie! She even enjoyed a nice drink from the pond.

However, if I thought catching her when she is in the house to put her back in the cage was hard, it wasnothing compared to trying to catch her outside. NOTHING I tell you. Quite naturally, I think she would prefer it if I just let her go. Free. Forever. But, I won’t be doing that. So, there was much kicking and scratching when I caught her. Hopefully the more I take her out for walks, the easier it will become.

ALSO, I will always be wearing long sleeves on future walks.

The End.


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