PEOPLE! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! Jan 22, ’07 11:43 PM
for you

So. I had a busy day today and just got home this afternoon. I went out into the garage to feed Roxie and clean her cage. I have been worried about her these past few days, because she was acting a little strange. Eating more, ripping her bedding to shreds. I thought maybe she was lonely, so when I was out today I checked the pet store to see if I could find her a friend. But, no bunnies at the pet store, so all I bought was another book on rabbits.

So, anywho. I opened her hutch and inside the sleeping compartment there is a HUGE mound of fur, Roxie’s fur. I start to panic, thinking oh no! Is she that unhappy, that she is pulling her hair out from stress?


I jumped back a couple feet and let out a tiny scream.

I inched forward again to peek at the fur mound and I could see some tiny pink things wiggling. I thought, oh no! A mouse snuck into her hutch and had babies. BUT WAIT! That fur is the same color as Roxie’s fur, and oh no. ohno ohno ohno ohno. OH. NO.

Could it be?

The “mice” have bunny ears. PEOPLE! THEY! ARE! NOT! MICE!


FOUR BABY BUNNIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Internets! I AM A GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!

I called BB. Then my Dad. Then forty nine other people. I screamed ROXIE! HAD! BABIES! 1,371 times!

Then I called the pet shop lady and said the words I never thought I would say….. “Who’s the babies Daddy????”

She said Roxie had a cagemate (ahem. in more way than one.) that was a male grey dwarf lop.

So, Roxie’s baby Daddy looked like this:

And Roxie looks like this:

So, the babies will look like this:

Dwarf lop cross Lionhead rabbit picture - MuppetDwarf lop cross Lionhead photo - Muppet


I am so excited! CAN YOU TELL? I don’t know if I am conveying how freakin’ out of my mind with glee I am!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I have used this many exclamation points. IN. MY. LIFE.

HERE ARE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just hope all goes well. So far it seems like Roxie is being a good Mom, the babies seem warm and well fed.

I will keep you posted, my faithful internets. Maybe I will even get a picture tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Now. WHO was it that said they would drive all the way to South Carolina if Roxie had babies?????????


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