Sleepovers Mar 2, ’07 11:05 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

Last night Carsten had her first slumber party. Her little friend C was turning six, and she had a princess party. So, off Carsten went with her princess sleeping bag and princess pillow and princess pajamas. She even picked out princess underwear to wear! She is nothing if not coordinated!

I was sure we would hear from the parents and have to come get her, she doesn’t even sleep at our house without a night lite, but we didn’t hear a thing. We will go pick her back up this morning at the alloted time.

So BB and I took the opportunity of a Carsten free night to go to the movies. We told Cody he could invite his friend Austin to go to a movie of their own. So BB and I saw Reno 911 (with only three other people in the WHOLE theatre!) and Cody and Austin saw Ghostrider.

After the movie Cody and I took Austin home, I waited in the driveway for Austin to go inside the house, he lives about five minutes from us but his house is a lot more seculded and surrounded by woods. As soon as I got home the phone rang and it was Austin. His Mom wasn’t there (she is a single Mom) and he was a little scared. I asked him if he tried to call her (he did) and to look around for a note (there wasn’t one). He was freaked something happened to her, and even more freaked that something was going to happen to him if he was there alone. Now, mind you, Austin is about 6’2″, so he towers over our whole family. He is a sweet, quiet, and polite kid, but honestly it never occured to me that ANYTHING would scare him. So, I found it super cute that he was so jumpy. I was worried about his Mom too, but she isn’t the kind to do something like this, so I knew that there was a simple explanation.

But, I still went down to pick him up and we left his Mom a note saying he came home with us and it was fine if he stayed here overnight. On the way back to our house, Austin was absolutely adorable trying to explain to me that he usually is brave, but his house is freaky at night, and they just watched Ghostrider which was also kinda freaky, and yadda, yadda, yadda…..

Austin’s Mom ended up calling a few minutes after we got back, she had just went to the drugstore quick and thought she would beat us home. But, she agreed to let him stay the night.

So, both the kids ended up having sleepovers!

BB and I are going to build Roxie’s outside rabbit run today, and I am super excited! Is BB excited? Not so much. But, he has agreed to help me. It is a gorgeous day here today, and the dock is no longer submerged! Yay!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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