Flat Ally! Me! Goats! Lunch! Apr 19, ’07 11:23 PM for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family  So, yesterday was the field trip to the goat farm….. I brought Flat Ally along in the car and had my speech all ready. I was going to explain the school project to CL’s teacher, and ask … More A LOT!


Picture Blog!

ANOTHER picture blog! YAY! Apr 11, ’07 11:37 PM for you We flew across the country…   Ate some YUMMAY food at airports! What? You didn’t know you can get the BEST HOTDOG EVER in Chicago? You can!   Then! We partied with margaritas and pork products! (and SOMEONE DID bring bacon, Jim just hid … More Picture Blog!

Easter 2007

  Our Easter! Apr 8, ’07 11:50 PM for you  Here is how we spent our Easter! We started out the day with a little visit to see Great-G-ma Dot. She is out of the hospital and back at the retirement home, all 96 years and 85 pounds of her! But, don’t cry for G-ma … More Easter 2007


Who said tweens can’t be fun? Apr 3, ’07 11:17 PM for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family  This morning in the car on the way to school ~ Me ~ Holy snap! What happened to your ankle? CJ ~ Oh, that? (points to bruise) Well, it’s just that my ankle is my only … More Tweens