Who said tweens can’t be fun? Apr 3, ’07 11:17 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 This morning in the car on the way to school ~

Me ~ Holy snap! What happened to your ankle?

CJ ~ Oh, that? (points to bruise) Well, it’s just that my ankle is my only device to fight furniture in the dark.


Later, when picking him up from school for an appointment ~

(Walking past some boys who are hooting and hollering and hanging out a window)

Me ~ Ah? Do you know those people?

CJ ~ Yeah. They are my friends.

Me ~ WHAT is wrong with them?

CJ ~ Oh nothing. They just think you are cute.

Me ~ WHAT?!?! (trying not to smile) Really? Doesn’t that creep you out?

CJ ~ What? No! I just told them that you were 21.

Me ~ Aaaah? Okay. You do know that if I was 21, that would mean I was 9 when I birthed you…… right?

CJ ~ (looking alarmed) Oh ew. I guess I should have told them you are my sister.


CJ ~ Mom?

Me ~ Mmm-hmm?

CJ ~ If you don’t stop smiling? I will get creeped out.


On the drive to the Orthodontist ~

Me ~ UGH, I got a paper cut! It huuuuurts!

CJ ~ You know, it isn’t really the paper cut that is hurting you, more often the pain stems from the chemicals found in the paper.

Me ~ Really?

CJ ~ Yes. I read about it. Oh! And once? I saw this cartoon where there was a chicken with a sword thru it’s chest and it was saying, “ow” and then there was a man with a paper cut and he was saying, ” @$*&!! $*#^%*!!OW!!!!” And, I think the point the cartoonist was trying to get across was that the chemicals made the man’s cut hurt more than the chicken’s stabbing. Isn’t that clever? AND funny? hahahahahahahahahahaha


Later still, on the drive to the Orthodontist a car cuts me off and I slam on my brakes and still almost hit him!

Me ~ ARGH! Hhrumph! BLAH! You DICKWEED!!!!!

CJ ~ Your extensive vocabulary is impressive.

Me ~ Thanks!





Me ~ Wait. Was that a compliment or an insult?

CJ ~ Really, it could be interpreted either way.

Me ~ Tell me which way you meant it or I will karate chop you to the throat.


Me ~ Really?

CJ ~ NO.


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