Easter 2007


Our Easter! Apr 8, ’07 11:50 PM
for you
 Here is how we spent our Easter!

We started out the day with a little visit to see Great-G-ma Dot. She is out of the hospital and back at the retirement home, all 96 years and 85 pounds of her! But, don’t cry for G-ma Dot, she hasn’t lost her spunk! She told me I should get a hair-cut and that she has never seen anyone with seven colors in their hair! (that would be ME with the seven color hair) (AND? Holy crap! Could my face be any fatter??? I EVEN measured it with a ruler! To prove to Cara that MY face was more fat! AND IT WAS! My face was as big as G-ma was from outside ear to outside ear! Does your face shrink with age? Geezus I hope so!)


I am beginning to fear CJ’s face will get frozen like this, my Mom SWEARS it can happen.

After visiting Dot we went to my mother’s favorite place on earth….. Wal-Mart. CL wouldn’t stop touching CJ’s face on the way there, which annoyed the bageezus out of him. We yelled at her, and she said, “SWWoryy!” about seventy times, and then my mom imparted some of her precious wisdom…. “Sorry is ONLY good in horseshoes and hand grenades!!!!” Aaaaaahhh? I don’t think that is how the saying goes Mom, but WHATEVA!

So, back home after Wal-Mart and Cara and I hid Easter eggs….


And! What’s Easter without a little skipping?


Then we found a curious sign and had to have our picture taken….

After the photo op with the sign, I wore the Easter basket on my head all the way back to the house, and I think we were mistaken for an Easter parade, because we had some slooooooow rubber neckers pass us in their cars.

Next! We had lunch! Then, we did what comes natural! NAP!!! (well, most of us anyway.)



Then, the egg hunt!


Then! I sat on some more laps!


And, here are Cara and I with my Dad. He doesn’t really like lap sitting, and I try not to piss him off.

Then I snoogled Cara’s dog for a while!

Then, we finished up the day with some TV watching and Cara played beauty shop with CL in the bathtub….

Look! Devil horns!

A faux hawk!

A Unicorn!

And a beehive!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


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