Picture Blog!

ANOTHER picture blog! YAY! Apr 11, ’07 11:37 PM
for you

We flew across the country…


Ate some YUMMAY food at airports! What? You didn’t know you can get the BEST HOTDOG EVER in Chicago? You can!


Then! We partied with margaritas and pork products! (and SOMEONE DID bring bacon, Jim just hid it and didn’t want me to photograph it, because, well, go back and read that blog, Jim loooooooves him some pig!)

I had fun with my sister Cara….


But I snoogled other relatives too! Even my niece, who is a dog! (the animal NOT an ugly person for my slow internets…..)


I saw A LOT of Officer Pick, maybe more than I needed to?



I am still traumatized by having his tongue almost in my ear….. but it was nice to learn that Officer Pick has some mad ballerina skills….


AND! Because loving equally is how I roll! I spent a lot of time with Mrs. Officer Pick too!



And then! I had MORE margaritas!!


It wasn’t all margaritas and snoogling…. I also slept!

And did cartwheels!


And Kristi and Laura did some pretty good cartwheels for old ladies! Of course mine were fantastic! Because I am a SUPERSTAR! And also younger! Mwhahahahahahaha!


But, who are we kidding internets? I DID do a lot of snoogling too! AND! Was even snoogled myself a time or two!


But all joking aside…. it was wonderful to see Kristi and her family! The kids loved the waterpark!

They also enjoyed playing together at my Mom’s house! A special thanks to my Mom! Who needed a nap AND a beer to make it through that afternoon!

But, Kristi and I had our fun too! Nothing makes watching your kids easier than a Smirnoff Ice! Right? Well, maybe you don’t know, BUT I DO! Take my word for it!


It was a fantastic trip, thanks to hub’s work for offering to fly us in, and also hubs for forcing me to come even when I didn’t want to be spontaneous, my parents for offering a place to sleep and for making me yummy food like bbq chicken sandwiches and my fav potatoes, and ALSO! All my FANTABULOUS friends for making me feel so loved! <sniff-sniff>

AND! LAST BUT NOT LEAST! She may not like to say it… but I want EVERYONE to know that I have the greatest best friend in the whole world!!! Think YOUR best friend is BETTER??? STEP OFF! YOU ARE WRONG! Because there is no one better than my Kristi!! And I mean that in the most platonic way possible! Though she is pretty darn cute too…. oh, nevermind! Just look at us!!!






2 thoughts on “Picture Blog!

    1. He was actually just at our house last summer! He came here to go to Rockfest in Cadot, with BB. And every time we go to Kansas we stop by and see them! He is still as funny as ever!


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