Im’ing and Flat Ally

Im’ing! AND Flat Ally! Apr 17, ’07 11:41 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family


I downloaded yahoo im for CJ tonight…. then we a conversation. But, before you read you need to know this ~ when we were in ks one of cj’s friends came to visit and had to wait for cj to get out of the bathroom. when cj came out they started talking and the kid asked cj what he had been doin’ (in general or in sc I assume) and cj said, oh, you know…. just been in the bathroom. I laughed until i cried. It still makes me laugh like that. I will never let him live that down. EVER. Okay, so on with the mom-son IM….


cj: why does ur name keep poppin on my screen? opps, srry i meant that says “melgmom”…blah,blah,blah
Mel: HI!
Mel: can you see me?
Mel: it’s your mother! HELLLLLLOOOO? 

cj: YEP…this rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mel: geez! you type slow!
cj: im like 12 years old duh
Mel: so? how are you?
Mel: whatcha doing?
cj: ooh…you know…. in the bathroom 
cj: i can hear you laff from across the house
Mel: i know. but i like to do the smileys and also? you make me laugh!
cj: i like these
Mel: and laff? is that tween speak?
cody: yes, ma’am
Mel: how about this one, for when you make me mad 
cj: look they have my picture- 
Mel: omg, you are SOOOOOOO funny. you get that from me.
cj: i know u r right
Mel: ok. it is two minutes until bedtime!
Mel: brush your teeth!
Mel: go to bed!
Mel: cool! now I don’t have to ever leave the computer!
Mel: i will parent from here!
cj: g,night
cj: i have to go to the bathroom reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel bad so i’m out bye!
Mel: ooookay. such a sweetie! good night!


Rikki’s daughter Ally asked me to help her with her Flat Stanley school project. She made a life size cut out of herself and mailed it to me along with the sweetest letter ever! (oh! you sweet-talker Ally! She told me I was PRETTY! I love that kid!!) All right anyway, I had to figure out what to glue Flat Ally to, so she didn’t blow away. I tried sticks, and wood, and paper, but finally settled on swimming noodles!

Tonight we took Flat Ally roller skating! (special thanks to Brandi’s SWEET daughter Gracie, who sent CL the roller skates, along with TONS of cute clothes she grew out of, oh and Brandi helped too…)

And then? Flat Ally and I jumped on the trampoline! It took a few tries to get the timing right, and we had a wee tiny tragedy when Flat Ally severed her arm. (you might NOT want to look at this Ally!) Ignore my hokie expression, just look at the severed limb I am pointing to….


Don’t cry Internets, I fixed her….

THEN? Lookit what I did!


Now I need a favor Internets! I need more ideas! Tomorrow I am taking Flat Ally on a field trip with CL’s class! We are going to a Goat Farm! Weeee! I may try to sneak her into the bus driver’s seat when she isn’t looking too….. and this weekend, we may go to a zoo? But, then I am out of ideas people! HELP!



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