2 Bunnies and their destiny…

Two bunnies and their destiny. Mar 4, ’07 11:51 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 The babies will be six weeks old tomorrow, and for a while now I have been wondering what the heck we were going to do with the two bunnies that we are not keeping. I have had plenty of offers from local irresponsible idiots (hey! I’m getting my kid a chick for Easter and I need to get the other kid something, a bunny would be great! OR My kid’s birthday is tomorrow and I need to get them something, etc….)

I thought about putting an ad in the paper that went something like this: Two Bunnies to Give Away to Good Homes ~ Must submit to short answer test of your knowledge of bunny health and habits, four page application and six month home study. If you are looking for a “cute” gift for Easter, your kid (whose birthday is tomorrow and who you have no idea if they even want a bunny), or if you are in general a babbling idiot, DO NOT CALL ME, you will be denied!

But, really, how many calls do you think I would get? We all know that I could look for 400 years and still not find someone worthy. And, since none of you will commit to driving hundreds or thousands of miles to pick up your personal favorite bunny, I had to do something.

So, a few weeks ago I stopped into the only respectable pet store in town, one that doesn’t even carry bunnies on a regular basis, and I talked with the owner, Judy. Judy and I worked out a deal where I agreed to give her the bunnies free of charge and she agrees to sell them to respectable and responsible parents.

Judy stopped by tonight to see Remy and Prince/Princess, and she loved them both. She has kindly given me two more days to say good-bye to them.

So, that is what is happening.

Please excuse me now, while I go curl into the fetal position and cry for hours. 


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