Dear Cat…

Dear Cat… Mar 6, ’07 11:01 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 Dear Cat,

Look. I am sorry. I have said I am sorry FIVE HUNDRED time since yesterday. Must you really keep following me around the house and then positioning yourself in the ideal location to bore a hole in my skull with your scathing glare?

I made a mistake. Sure, you are right. I did spend a good 20 minutes sighing and yelling obscenities at you from the comfort of my desk chair. But, you DO have a history of crying wolf you know.

It was an honest mistake cat. Once I took your muffled meows seriously I tried to locate you as soon as possible.

How could I have known that you were in here?

I swear on my mother’s life I would not have closed the drawer had I known you were sleeping in there.



PS. Thanks for not peeing on my socks. Love you! Mean it!


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