The Pig

The cashier at The Pig… Mar 7, ’07 11:48 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 CJ and I went to The Piggly Wiggly last night to pick up a few things… At the cashier line we had to chose between the brown tooth girl that keeps telling me her little girl NEEDS one of my bunnies for her Easter basket and a tiny high school age girl. We pick the tiny high school age girl.

She rang up my milk, bread, hamburger and Sour Skittles first, and then she got to my bags of produce for the bunnies…

THSAG (tiny high school age girl) – Uuuuummmm…. What is dis? <<< while poking my produce bag >>>

Me – Parsley.

THSAG – I new dat.

Me – mmm-kay.

THSAG – Aaannndd what is dis? <<< while poking and twisting my other produce bag >>>

Me – Cilantro.

THSAG – <<< flipping through her produce code list >>> That starts with an R, right?

Me – WHAT?!?!?!

THSAG – <<< blank stare >>>

Me – Cilantro.

THSAG – uummm…. <<< ?????????? >>>

Me – CCCCCCCCC C ilantro!


Me – ah. no.

THSAG – <<< blank stare >>>

Me – Cilantro starts with “C”.

THSAG – I new dat.






Someone. Please save me.


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