How was YOUR weekend?

So, how was YOUR weekend? Mar 17, ’07 11:15 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

Hey look, the B family weekend in pictures. Lucky you, internets!!!!

First, a morning photo session!

CJ was taking a ride on the crabby train. So, he needed a little encouragement…


The bonus of those candid shots is: To prove to those of you who say I can’t take a bad picture (Mandi!), I give you…………….. my bucky beaver face! Truly! Could my cheeks get fatter? Could my teeth be more beaver like? Ah. No. They could NOT. Gah!

But, this one is my favorite (But, I had to pinch CJ’s butt to get him to smile like this. But what does one more time hurt? When added to all the other mental damage I have done in the pursuit of a good picture?) ~

Then, a photo of CL and I showing off our baby seed plants ~

Then, I decided to pretend to eat her face, cuz silly is how I roll ~

And then she decided to punch my larynx to get me to stop ~

Then we went to Lowes. I KNOW! How! EXCITING! But before you get all snarky and judgemental of my Sunday activities, remember that Jesus hates people that shop, or eat cheeseburgers for that matter, on Sunday in South Carolina. Because, the only places that are open for us sinners are Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, tractor supply stores, and every fast food restaurant that you are not hungry for. AND continuing with my theme of disappointing you….. sorry internets, no pictures of the B family perusing Lowe’s. They kind of frown upon people posing for pictures in their store. But here is what we looked like with no picture taking allowed by Lowes, and no flower/tree buying allowed by Daddy B ~

Then, home again! Look, here is Roxie’s hutch along side the baby bunnies hutch. I know you have been losing sleep wondering when I would post a picture.

And lookee-loo, the geese I bribe with hot dog buns and corn!

And then, a dog walk! It started out so good! They were EXCITED! ~

But, before we go! A stern lecture from Mom. ~

Which they completely forgot as soon as we left the driveway. The rest of the walk was spent with them tangled behind me ~

Or pulling me like sled dogs. ~

I know. I KNOW. Cesar would be so ashamed.

Later, the cats and I surfed the internet ~

and tried to call Stacey for the bazillionth time to see how her birthday went. Gah! Where ARE you Stacey????

Then, we finished the day in true B fashion, by taking MORE pictures of ourselves. ~



Also, I got an e mail from an ex-boyfriend………. BUT, wait! This blog was supposed to be about YOU!

So? How WAS your weekend????????


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