Luck O the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Saturday! Mar 16, ’07 11:25 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 Pretty uneventful day at the B house.

My mini-me and I have spent most of the day planting hundreds (SERIOUSLY! Hundreds!) of flower seeds in seed starter trays. Some of the seeds were barely big enough to see, which added a whole lot of FUN to the situation. When I say FUN, I mean it in a blinding headache, frayed nerves, give me some tequila and a long nap kind of way. heh. fun.

It had to be done though. Since I don’t want to be paying the salaries of the employees at Lowe’s again this year. Let’s just say I have a slight problem when I see the Lowe’s greenhouse full of plants. They all want to come home with me and I don’t know how to tell them no. So, hopefully this year I will grow SO MANY baby plants that I won’t have to buy any BIG plants????

One of the fishy clones died today. CL and I were netting the leaves out of the fish pond when I saw him floating belly up. I didn’t want her to see him dead, because we have an identical fish that she didn’t know about. When she would see them on different sides of the pond she would just think he was a REALLY fast swimmer. So, I said, Look! and pointed over her shoulder, and while she was looking where I pointed I scooped up Deady McDeadfish and threw him in the general direction of the big pond. I know. I KNOW. I really have to tell her the truth one of these days when something dies. But people! After planting seeds with her for hoursand answering, oh I don’t know, seventy kabillion questions, I just didn’t want to have a whole fish mortality discussion with her. CAN YOU BLAME ME?!?!?!?

All right. Off to make Chicken Kabobs!

Everyone have a safe and happy St. Patricks Day!


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